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The Beauty of Kalon


The Beauty of Kalon offers the in-person experience of having a client get their makeup done for an event. Also, having a fashion consultant or stylist to help a clients fashion sense.

Makeup Prices

  • Kalon Soft Dusting  45mins.  $60

Same as full face description with single color eyeshadow choice (typically neutral tones like browns, gold, champagne etc., but can be any color of client preference), and selection of strip lashes provided by artist.

  • Kalon Full Glam Experience  60mins.  $85

Includes a cut crease style shadow look (as pictured), foundation, highlight, contour, brow sculpting, lips and lash selection provided by artist.

**Fashion Stylist Fees Vary

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About Us

The definition of kalon is the ideal of physical and moral beauty. And the beauty of that is it can look different for everyone. That's why the Beauty of Kalon was created. To promote Your inner and moral beauty.